QuizMEOnline Has Released “News for Students”

QuizMEOnline, the popular social network for students has added a new feature to the site called News for Students. This feature is a place where students can find news about what’s happening on their campus, school or topics that are important to them. QuizMEOnline users can enjoy studying online and discovering news that might apply to them. News articles are posted on a daily basis. Check out this new feature and share it with others. Have a topic that you think we should cover? Login and tell us about it.

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How Students Are Using Facebook To Study

Facebook is widely used for keeping in touch with friends, posting a  new status, playing games, adding photos and videos and sharing your world with your friends. QuizMEOnline has added a very useful app to Facebook that allows students to study with their friends while on Facebook. QuizMEOnline is a social network for students that enables students to study online and learn with other students in a social environment. Study online using the new QuizMEOnline facebook app. Students can invite their facebook friends to study with them and become their study buddy.

Studying Online Is Going Mobile

“QuizMEOnline is going mobile”. You will be able to access your quizzes, flashcards, study guides, and notes from your android phone.

Take your study material with you everywhere you go.  All of your quizzes, flashcards, and notes can now fit in your pocket.  The days of carrying a stack of flashcards around is now gone.  Out with the old and in with the new.  Create study groups with your friends online and have access to the material study group material on your android.

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Release date: December 27, 2011

Study Online With Friends

Create study groups online with your friends. Tell a few of your friends in school and join QuizMEOnline. Create 1 or more study groups and start studying online. It’s more convenient and it’s fun. Share your quizzes, flashcards, study guides and notes with your study buddies.

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QuizMEOnlineSocial Network for StudentsStudy Online

QuizMEOnline – Social Network for Students, Study Online

QuizMEOnline is a social networking website for students. Students can study online by creating online study material.

When students interact with like-minded students, they easily learn and grasp concepts quickly. In fact, through this medium, they connect with more and more students, share and exchange ideas, and convert this space into a playground for breeding ideas and innovation. Studying online is now easier, more convenient and exciting. Store the material you need to learn online, learn from your peers and study buddies.

Sharing ideas and experiences is a fundamental part to educational growth. Students who create online study material via Quizzes, Flashcards, Study Guides and Notes will experience a very thorough and convenient learning experience. They will provide help for their peers and receive help when needed.

Studying online is quickly becoming the smarter way to study. Students from all over the world are finding it easier and more convenient. Join the QuizMEOnline network and start studying smarter.